Job Search: Two Essential Tools of the Trade

Most job seekers spend a lot of time writing, formatting and polishing their resumes. There is no question that resumes are important, but they’re just one of the many tools you’ll need if you’re going to get the job you want with the employer you want to work with. There are additional tools of the job search trade that are sometimes overlooked, but can help you make a great impression. Here are two that you can quickly add to your tool box:

  1. Business cards. Although people think of business cards as one of the first things you get after you start a job, I think they’re also one of the first things to get when you lose your job. It’s so much easier to ask for someone’s business card if you’re in the process of handing them yours. By the end of a conversation, you want to know what the other person does and for him or her to know what you do and that you’re looking for a new role.
  2. Note cards. You’ll use note cards when you send handwritten thank you’s to people who have really gone above and beyond for you, or who might do so, as well as to accompany items you’re sending to remind people of who you are. For example, a manager you met with spent some time talking about her recent trip to Versailles, and you follow up with an article you came across on the same topic. Sending something of interest to people you have met recently is a wonderful way to keep you top of mind. Be sure the cards you buy are classic and elegant but not over the top.

Incorporating the use of professional, high quality business cards and note cards as part of your communication strategy will help you make a great, lasting impression that sets you apart and keeps you on the radar.

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