Talent Mobility Diagnostic

Is Your Organization a Talent Mobilizer?

Talent Mobilizers — organizations that effectively Understand, Develop, and Deploy talent — are 12% more likely to experience positive revenue growth than other organizations.

Pressures are mounting for a new hyper-efficient workforce comprised of just-in- time employees who are skilled and ready to move into new roles quickly as business needs change. But how does an organization mobilize its talent so that it always has the right people with the right skills in the right place? How does it close skill gaps and align the workforce with evolving demands? How does it develop a more flexible and adaptable workforce?

Whether you're growing talent from within or bringing in new talent, whether you are adding roles or eliminating them, talent mobility is an enabler of your talent strategy as you prepare your employees for whatever happens next.

To provide insight into your own talent mobility strategy, LHH has created a simple, free diagnostic tool so you can see how you score against the three indices of understand, develop and deploy. You'll learn whether you are consistently and proactively implementing each of the seven key behaviors that fall within the indices that characterize Committed Talent Mobilizers.

We haven’t captured every behavior that will enhance talent mobility, but these three indices will inform your organization’s efforts and investments in your talent strategy. Spend five minutes to take the diagnostic and you’ll receive immediate results that you can use to benchmark your current practices and guide you in your planning.  And, you'll receive a complimentary copy of our new research report, "Set Talent in Motion", which reveals how high performing organizations are adapting their talent strategy to respond to continuous change, ready to move talent where it can best benefit the business.

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Learn whether your organization is a Talent Mobilizer. Our diagnostic will help you understand whether your organization is practicing specific talent mobility behaviors and strategies that fall within the three indices of Understand, Develop and Deploy. Multinational corporations that have adopted these behaviors are more likely to report growth in revenue while ensuring talent is prepared and ready to move into new roles as business needs change. After completing the diagnostic, you'll receive results immediately, along with access to our new research report, "Set Talent in Motion."

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