Career transition and outplacement

Career transition solutions that help impacted employees get back to work 50% faster. 

Working with LHH gets employees back to work 50% faster.

Whether you're transitioning a few people or thousands, Lee Hecht Harrison has the tools, technology and expertise to help you plan an effective restructuring strategy and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish. Most importantly, we'll help ensure that your affected employees land new roles quickly and confidently, and that the employees you retain remain productive, committed and focused.

As an organization, ask yourself:

  • How can we manage a downsizing event so that we maintain our reputation as an employer of choice and attract new talent for other parts of the company?
  • What challenges do we anticipate facing from our various stakeholders during a downsizing; for instance, the community, stockholders, customers, managers, and employees?
  • What outcomes would we like to achieve from outplacement services; for instance, a high level of satisfaction with the service from the individuals we sponsor, quick landing times, and/or a high utilization of services?
  • What is our strategy for the notification and separation of employees and key executives who need to move on?
LHH can comprehensively manage your transition events and increase your ability to retain your organization’s brand equity, your reputation as an employer of choice, and ultimately your best people.

Lee Hecht Harrison Career Transition and Outplacement Solutions include:

LHH Select™ for your career transition and outplacement needs.
With Lee Hecht Harrison you have our promise, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that your restructuring or downsizing will run smoothly and meet your objectives.  We offer a comprehensive range of offerings that are customizable to the levels of impacted employees as well as your cultural norms and budget. Our offerings are structured using milestones and quantifiable benchmarks, but are adaptable to multiple career path tracks, generational preferences, learning styles, and unique personal career goals. Our learning approaches include dedicated one-to-one consulting; workspace and office resources; onsite career centers; virtual and in-office seminars; facilitated Job Search Work Teams; and proprietary online research engines, job boards, resume posting sites, eLearning, and podcasts.  Learn more about our career transition and outplacement offerings.

LHH ICEO™ Service for senior executives.
Senior executives face unique challenges during a transition with much at stake for the individual and the organization.  LHH ICEO Service for senior executives offers a solution that helps you protect your employer brand and create goodwill, while providing your senior executives with the unique support they need to identify and select the most suitable career options.  Each senior executive is connected to a peer-level coach, a team of business and SME advisors, and mentors to facilitate key networking introductions.  Rich logistical, technical and learning tools are used to support them in achieving career goals.  Learn more about our custom tailored LHH ICEO™ Service for senior executives.

Pre-event and communication planning for a structuring or downsizing.
A poorly managed restructuring – large or small – can result in lost business opportunities, decreased productivity, poor morale and a damaged brand.  We help you with the pre-event planning that is essential for effective and successful transitions.  You will receive strategic advice and tactical guidance on communication strategy, project planning and milestones, and effective manager notification training to address needs of individuals across the organization directly and indirectly impacted by an event.   Learn more about our holistic approach to career transitions.

Building resiliency and maintaining workforce productivity during change.
The uncertainty that comes with a restructuring or downsizing can derail an organization if remaining employees lack the skill to successfully navigate change.   We help you assess productivity challenges brought on by the transitioning of affected employees. We provide solutions to build confidence, engagement and agility, giving employees and managers the competencies needed to remain focused, flexible and productive. Services can be delivered before and after a downsizing event. Learn more about building workforce resiliency.  

Redeployment services to retain talent during transition events.
Is retention one of your talent management priorities during a downsizing or restructuring?  By redeploying affected employees into new roles within the organization you retain valuable institutional knowledge, build engagement and burnish your brand, while reducing severance, recruiting and training costs. We provide a redeployment solution that will help you reduce the number of employees you need to let go during a transition event.  Our technology platform connects affected employees with internal opportunities, helping to place them into open positions within the company.  Learn more about our strategic approach to managing talent.

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