• 11/19/2012
  • Insights

Lee Hecht Harrison partnered with The Human Capital Institute to conduct a research study which demonstrates the important relationship between career development and employee engagement, critical for you to know as your organization competes to retain your top talent.

Connecting the Dots: Driving Engagement through Career Development

Today’s organizations look different than they did five years ago — traditional hierarchies don’t exist as they once did, and firms have gone through a “flattening” process in an effort to contain costs and streamline processes. This has had a dramatic effect on the way that today’s worker relates to his/her organization, understands his/her role in that organization, and plans his/her career within the organization.

This report describes the important impact that these changes have had on the talent landscape and provides recommendations for organizations to implement in order to enhance career development and therefore, ultimately increase employee engagement and retention. You'll learn best practices to:

  • Determine roles and responsibilities related to “ownership” of career development
  • Structure the career development strategy
  • Leverage “multi-directional” career movement (versus strictly vertical movement) as a core career development strategy

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