LHH - Key Career Moments

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We can help build your career and find your next big opportunity.

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LHH - Key Career Moments

Know yourself. Know your options. Make good decisions. 

At LHH, assessments inform everything we do.

If you’re in career transition, assessments are included in your LHH outplacement services to help you understand your communication styles, work preferences, personal strengths, and areas where you can develop new skills and capabilities – so you and your coach can focus on the right areas of development and the best career options to pursue.

If you’re looking to explore new opportunities at your current company and increase your employability, assessments support your upskilling and reskilling, and can be used to match you with new internal job openings.

And if you’re a manager or leader, assessments deliver actionable insights on the competencies that contribute to your success, things that might be holding you back, and the way others in the organisation perceive you – all to drive your professional growth.


Find out how LHH can help with your career. 

We can help build your career and find the next big opportunity.

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