Disconnected Leaders: Bridging the Growing Chasm

In Resetting Normal: Defining a New Era of Work, a ground-breaking survey conducted by The Adecco Group, there is evidence of a profound disconnect between senior leaders and employees when it comes to the pandemic experience.

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Our latest research found that the global workforce “has never felt more disconnected” from their organizations and leaders, an unprecedented scenario with potentially grave consequences.
How deep is that disconnect? The findings reveal to us that the gap between the views of senior leaders and the people they lead has grown into a worrisome chasm.
Leaders need to be encouraged to engage in fearless self-assessment and supported with tools like coaching and other development initiatives. It’s not enough to just describe the ideal leadership culture; leaders need to put in the groundwork to change their behaviors and relationships with others.
Read our full report and discover where leaders are failing to meet expectations. And you’ll learn three core principles leaders can apply to change their mindsets and reconnect with their people.


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