LHH Outplacement Candidate Testimonials

Real candidates from around the world talk about their experiences with LHH and how we helped them achieve their unique career goals.

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LHH Outplacement Candidate Testimonials

Our approach


For employees who do not land internally, supporting them through their career transition is always the right thing to do.

At LHH, we believe in the infinite power of every human to grow and adapt. To reinvent themselves and face the future—not with fear or trepidation—but instead with buoyant optimism. It’s a philosophy grounded in over fifty years of expertise and first-hand market insight.

We provide individualised, whole person support, insight, motivation, and resources for more opportunities than ever before—delivered in a tailored, technology-enabled, human-driven experience.


hourly and entry-level


Hourly and entry-level workers are often hit the hardest by an economic downturn and require separation support to ensure their well-being.

In some cases, they may have fewer digital skills and could be living paycheck-to-paycheck—which makes finding work quickly on their own more difficult.

Our LHH Compass programme is tailored to meet the needs of your blue-collar and frontline workers because it offers personal guidance and support, and fast connections to jobs that are available now.

LHH Compass reflects more than 50 years of experience that LHH has as the leader in career transition and career management. We are here to help your employees through each step of their job search.

We understand that job transition may be an emotional roller coaster. That’s why our approach will help your hourly and entry-level workers jump-start their efforts and lead them toward their next opportunity.

professionals and managers


Professionals and managers are career and profession-oriented with personal goals to learn and advance in pursuit of new opportunities. 

When these employees need career transition services, they want connections to opportunities they may not be able to reach on their own and support to stay motivated and engaged.

LHH Active Placement is outplacement reimagined

While personal career coaching remains at the heart of everything we do, we’ve evolved outplacement into an individualised, whole person journey that is optimised for today’s digital hiring and recruiting methods. With upskilling from LinkedIn® Learning and General Assembly, we’re helping candidates land in today’s most in-demand jobs.

Our unique strategy for personal branding and connecting people to jobs has dramatically enhanced the human support we provide, reducing time to placement by up to 65%. With LHH, your people will have access to unpublished job opportunities at companies around the world, including our 7,000+ client companies.

Every individual can explore–full-time employment, entrepreneurism, active retirement, or a portfolio career. Over 90% of candidates who experience active placement say they landed in a similar or better job, with a similar or better salary.


Senior Executives ICEO


Senior executives make tough decisions, take risks, challenge others to be their best, and sacrifice countless hours to drive your company’s success. When the time comes for their departure, it is good business to ensure they leave with the respect and support they have earned.

The International Centre for Executive Options (ICEO) is a global boutique practice exclusively dedicated to executive careers. We’re deeply experienced with organisational decisions and the complex challenges associated with senior leadership transitions and executive careers.

ICEO clients receive comprehensive advisory support, connections, and resources for all career options—including corporate roles, private equity and venture capital roles, advisory work, starting or purchasing a business, alternative careers, board service, portfolio careers and active retirement.

ICEO delivers superior experience for senior leaders
At the centre of each personalised team is the ICEO Advisor, a trusted partner who brings extensive experience in partnering with senior leaders as they explore and pursue their career options. Our ICEO advisors are accomplished senior business leaders, board members, professional service firm partners, and successful entrepreneurs. We surround them with a dedicated, bespoke team of ICEO advisors, subject matter experts, mentors, alumni, industry specialists, and friends of the firm.

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Our People and Tech


The coach relationship
Coaching is the heart of our services. Our certified coaches work with candidates to clarify goals and create an action plan to find opportunities best suited to their skills and interests.

Personalised roadmap
One of the first things candidates do is register in our Career Resource Network (CRN), where they select a career path. The CRN is organised to help candidates understand what to do at each step in their journey—with videos, webinars, virtual career events, research tools and more—all available from a mobile device or computer.

SEO-optimised CV & profile
Our team of professional Branding Specialists help candidates create a search engine-optimised CV and LinkedIn profile—that gives them higher visibility with recruiters.

An exclusive networking marketplace
With a new CV in hand, candidates can upload them into our exclusive Digital Talent Exchange (or DTE)—where employers post jobs and are actively looking to hire.

We market candidates to employers
Once CVs are uploaded, our Talent Promoters network with employers on behalf of candidates, then match and market them for the jobs that meet their criteria.

Free courses
LinkedIn® Learning and General Assembly provide thousands of courses to help candidates gain new skills.


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