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Three ways to reimagine your talent development budget using assessments

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LHH - Key Career Moments

Actionable insights
Your talent represents the single largest element of your firm’s operating budget, and your business’ growth largely depends on the quality and readiness of that talent. Yet, how much do you really know about it? Do you have the data and insights you need to make decisions and invest in your people with confidence?

LHH’s talent assessments and analytics solutions bring you in-depth, objective, actionable insights into your people, so you make informed decisions about who are the best candidates to hire, who are the employees with the highest potential for success, and which leaders have what it takes to drive your company’s success.

Flexibility matters
With a full-range, best-in-class portfolio of psychometric, multi-rater and team assessments as well as work simulations and organisational surveys, we deliver talent insights contextualised to your company and your unique culture. Our research-based leadership models can be adapted to your company, and you can choose the best way for your people to access assessments —online, through assessment centres, or other preferred channels.


Informed decision-making
Is your organisation simply recruiting employees, or are you acquiring great talent? Do you objectively and definitively know who are your high potential employees? Are you able to identify and promote the right people into leadership roles? Does your succession plan have a full bench, or do you have gaps?

LHH talent assessments and analytics help you make more accurate and informed decisions on hiring and promoting, so you can avoid wasted money and time associated with increased training costs, errors made by poor performers, and replacement costs.

Our solutions help you improve the ROI and enhance the impact of coaching and development programmes by objectively highlighting individual and aggregate strengths and development opportunities.

With our insights, you can define overall workforce capability, create personalised learning journeys, help leaders become more effective, prepare staff for future roles, accurately target investments in coaching and development priorities, and know when to build vs. acquire talent.

We offer a range of assessment solutions that address the full talent life cycle to support effective decision-making on recruitment and selection, internal promotion and mobility, high-potential (HiPo) identification, and succession management.

LHH assessment solutions include online, one-to-one assessments, and assessment centres—each of which can be seamlessly delivered virtually or in-person, anywhere in the world.


Approach & technology
LHH’s Global Assessment & Analytics practice delivers scalable, technology-driven leadership assessment solutions for every need. Available in a wide variety of languages, our Talent Portal is your single access point for best-in-class content and assessments. It is compliant with all data privacy regulations including GDPR.

We’re objective in our approach—recommending the best assessments in the market that are the best for your unique objectives. Our assessments and reporting can be fit for purpose, quickly and cost effectively, and all our assessment solutions can be directly integrated with any coaching and development programme.

We offer elegant solutions that allow re-use of assessment data and results across programmes, saving you time and money and creating a better overall experience. Our data and analytics enable ongoing review and refinement, optimisation of programmes, increased ROI—and we can easily connect our data to the data from other talent programmes.


Assessment consulting
Developing and implementing an assessment programme doesn’t have to be complicated. LHH offers a range of advisory services to aid in the development and implementation of your assessment strategy and programmes—from rapid deployment of ready-now solutions to full customisation of assessments and reports.

We consult on and recommend solutions that draw upon industry-leading assessments from the world’s most reputable publishers, linked to your business and talent strategies. Our implementation process includes a distinct focus on leveraging business metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your programmes and their return on investment.


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