I have been with Lee Hecht Harrison® 6 ½ years - I joined DBM as a Project Manager in the UK about 6 months prior to the acquisition. From there, I was a Project Manager in EMEA, and then moved to Account Management in EMEA and GPS, and then Sales in Global Accounts and the UK and most recently to my current role in Singapore.

My career has progressed extremely rapidly here, had a diverse range of experiences, and found an environment – and importantly a series of leaders – who have been prepared to support my desire to diversify my experience in my career. In short, I really feel that the company has invested in me. That’s kept me motivated, engaged, and always on the lookout for opportunities to develop myself within Lee Hecht Harrison.

As it relates to our Lee Hecht Harrison Leadership Principles, daily I strive to stay calm, be nice, and work hard! It’s what I aspire to do. And drink a bit less coffee!

If you are willing to take ownership of your own career, to own your own development, to step up and take on a challenge, and to make a difference, Lee Hecht Harrison is the place for you!


Jo Smith, Managing Director Lee Hecht Harrison Singapore 

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