I have been with Lee Hecht Harrison® since May 2017 after making an internal I move within the Adecco Group from Badenoch & Clark. After my studies in Business with Entrepreneurship, I set up a social enterprise in London to economically empower socially disadvantaged groups. We focused on developing and strengthening skills including self-confidence, commercial acumen and innovation. I spent two years in Executive Search before moving to Lee Hecht Harrison where, today, I believe that I truly fulfill my purpose in the workplace. Given that Lee Hecht Harrison focuses on building better leaders, careers and organizations, personal and organizational purpose align extremely well.

It is the incredible passion combined with a strong entrepreneurial focus shown by my colleagues at Lee Hecht Harrison, which inspires and energizes me over and again. Leveraging these to make a difference to peoples’ professional and personal lives is what stands out the most when it comes to Lee Hecht Harrison. The mutual respect, trust and numerous competencies my colleagues possess, give me the confidence that we can solve the various workforce transformation challenges our clients face.

Of the Lee Hecht Harrison Core Values, Responsibility applies most to my role. To every generation comes an opportunity to contribute to the fortunes of humanity, unique to our time of life. I am passionate and feel great responsibility to influence leaders to adopt a more inclusive leadership styles, reach gender parity through shifting mindsets and behaviors and create environments built on trust and happiness. 

There is an inspirational quote by Neale Donald Walsch about the value of Inspiration: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Lee Hecht Harrison often feels as if you are constantly out of your comfort zone. It is the inspirational work of our clients and colleagues that will take you to new heights at high pace. This is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Lee Hecht Harrison is unique and to many feels like home.

Kevin Ackerman, Senior Business Consultant, - Basel, Switzerland

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