I joined Lee Hecht Harrison® in January 2017 as a long term goal, the role in Careers and Change seemed to offer the perfect opportunity to combine my skills and experiences to support organizations and individuals through transition and growth, the one constant that unites the different disciplines.

Exciting new directions and great people are what has kept me at Lee Hecht Harrison; it’s only been 6 months, but I already feel like I belong and can achieve great things here at Lee Hecht Harrison. I am fortunate enough to work with a group of talented and passionate professionals who work well together. I love the fact that our team is so down-to-earth and can prioritize the achievement of great results for our customers without taking ourselves too seriously! I also love the opportunity to contribute to the success and growth of others, both Lee Hecht Harrison colleagues and Lee Hecht Harrison clients.

Lee Hecht Harrison has an impressive diversity of skillsets and backgrounds, combined with a passion for doing great work. Combined with a tendency to trust people to perform, yet offer support when needed, it’s a great place to craft a thriving career. This is why I would recommend someone join Lee Hecht Harrison.



Lorraine Smith, Director, Careers and Change, Sydney Australia

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