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International Center for Executive Options (ICEO)

The International Center for Executive Options (ICEO) is a boutique global practice from Lee Hecht Harrison that provides exclusive, bespoke career advisory services for sitting and transitioning senior leaders.

Whether they are carefully planned or materialize suddenly, intentionally sought or uninvited, leadership departures are highly visible, both internally and externally. They represent significant risk to the reputation and brand of both the executive and the organization and can create unwelcome challenges for future talent acquisition initiatives. Of course, the change will have profound impact on the executive and their family as well. 

Your senior leaders have put in the hard work, made tough decisions, taken risks, challenged others to be their best, and sacrificed countless hours to drive your organization’s success. So, when the time comes for their departures, how important is it to you that they leave with the respect and support they have earned? 

The International Center for Executive Options (ICEO) provides an unparalleled, boutique experience in which assessments, strategic advising, expert coaching, personal and leadership development, and our exclusive global connections are combined in a highly individualized offering to support the unique career pursuits of accomplished senior leaders. Our clients receive comprehensive support, resources and connections for all senior leader career options, including corporate leadership positions, private equity and venture capital roles, advisory work, starting or purchasing a business, alternative careers, board service, portfolio careers and active retirement.


ICEO delivers an unequivocally superior experience. First, we meet our clients wherever they are in the career transition cycle. Then, we surround them with a dedicated, bespoke team of peer advisors, subject matter experts, mentors, alumni, industry specialists, friends of the firm, and other resources as appropriate. At the center of each personalized team is the ICEO Advisor, a trusted partner who brings extensive experience in partnering with senior leaders as they explore and pursue their career options. Like our clients, our ICEO Advisors are accomplished business leaders, board members, professional service firm partners and successful entrepreneurs. 


We work with your senior leaders in 15 global ICEO centers, strategically located in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Toronto, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. Our ICEO global centers are supplemented by on-demand access to Lee Hecht Harrison offices in 71 countries - providing maximum mobility for local, national and global career pursuits. 

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Our ICEO® leaders and advisors


William Brown

SVP, Global Managing Director, ICEO
United States

William Brown

SVP, Global Managing Director, ICEO
United States
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Bill is the Global Practice Leader for Lee Hecht Harrison’s International Center for Executive Options (ICEO). Bill built and leads this unique senior leader boutique career advisory practice that provides high-touch leadership transformation support to organizations and their leaders. He does this with a unique perspective of their issue & concerns coupled with insightful solutions to moving forward with their business missions, their leaders, and their brands. 


Earlier in his career, Bill was a CEO, COO, Group Executive, business leader, and attorney at companies that included Nabisco Brands, Culbro, and Fleetwood Snacks, Inc. 

Bill received a Master’s Degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, a Juris Doctorate from the Stetson University College of Law, and a BS from Florida State University.

Andreas Rudolph

Andreas Rudolph

Managing Director
Andreas is Managing Director at Lee Hecht Harrison in Switzerland. He is a passionate about pioneering new business fields and markets. Dedicated and inspirational leader Andreas recruits, builds and coaches high performing teams. He is also an enthusiastic speaker at various conferences and seminars on topics like sales strategies and leadership.
Andreas is a sales and marketing expert with an entrepreneurial mind. He has over 25 years of experience and a proven international track record in leading teams, creating and building sales concepts, and selling ideas. He also has an extensive experience in developing new products and services,  as well as delivering fully integrated and sustainable leadership programs that generate outstanding long-term results.

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