2017 US Guide to Workforce and Salary Trends

Helene Cavalli Report

In Lee Hecht Harrison’s 2017 Guide to Workforce and Salary Trends, it’s clear the best jobs will go to those candidates that take a targeted approach to job search and hone their interview skills. It will be a reasonably positive job market in 2017 with fantastic opportunities available to those who have a clear strategy on how to secure a good job. The economy will continue to grow slowly but at a rate that may outpace the year before. That will lead to solid job opportunities in a number of sectors including healthcare, analytics, financial services and biotechnology. The big question for most job seekers: how can I best take advantage of the recovering job market?

Our 2017 US Guide to Workforce and Salary Trends is a valuable tool in both assessing current compensation trends and developing your talent strategy. Featuring the latest salary data and job market insights, you'll find:

  • Accurate, up-to-date salary data across sectors and functions
  • Insights on hiring and workforce trends

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