I have been with Lee Hecht Harrison® over 2 years, initially as an Account Manager in the NYC office and now working remotely in NYC, as the Senior Account Manager, GPS. I moved to NYC without a job, on hopes and dreams of talking my way into an organization that does meaningful work in a fast-paced city. I was connected to a contact at Lee Hecht Harrison by someone in my network from Alabama of all places. When she told me how Lee Hecht Harrison makes a difference through workforce transformation, I was hooked. It seems like everyone that I come across has been impacted positively by Lee Hecht Harrison in some way.

I love that Lee Hecht Harrison has a Global Footprint and the resources of a Global Fortune 500 company but with a sense of autonomy and small company feel in regards to teams and visibility. This isn’t just a job, and my colleagues aren’t just co-workers, it is a community of caring people trying to make a difference.

As part of the Account Team, my job is to dig into the work that we do at the organizational, team, and individual level, and figure out if we are actually making a difference…and articulate how we are to the client. It warms my little millennial heart when I uncover what a difference we are making. Whether it is helping someone land a job after 15 years removed from job search, or developing people to be the best version of them and climb past the expectations they have for themselves. This sense of purpose is what keeps me at Lee Hecht Harrison.

The best advice I could give to someone interested in joining Lee Hecht Harrison, is to take a step back and examine yourself. What motivates you? If it is money, you are never going to be satisfied at Lee Hecht Harrison (or anywhere you go). If being part of something greater than yourself, improving the lives and skills of others, and shaping the future of business across the world is something that gets you excited, Lee Hecht Harrison is probably for you. From entry level to the C-Suite, we all play an integral role in something great.



Tim Murray, Sr. Account Manager, Global Project Services (GPS) - Virtual New York

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