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Hajime Baba

Country Manager

Hajime joined LHH Japan as country manager in 2019. He has 10+ years of experience as a leader in consulting industry, and has been supporting wide range of clients including global leading companies by leveraging his expertise on people and data analytics. He started his career at a Japanese insurer as an actuary, and later moved to Aon Hewitt followed by EY where he led a group of consultants to drive business growth while maximizing the value we can deliver to clients.


Kazuhiro Shimosegawa

Business Development Manager
Kazuhiro joined LHH Japan as a business development manager in 2016 and comes from a background of management of a technical translation agency and account manager at a global PC manufacturer. As a account manager he has worked with a wide range of HR managers across various industries to be heavily involved in consulting with our clients.
Kiyokata Kamijo

Kiyotaka Kamijoh

Senior Consultant
Kiyotaka joined LHH Japan in 2002, taking advantage of his consulting and management skills gained through his experience in both Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies. As a career consultant certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, he has supported more than 3000 candidates  in their reemployment efforts. of. In addition, he enjoys making use of his deep knowledge of a wide range of  industries and occupations in the development of career support programs.
Headshot of Yasuyuki Kurimoto

Yasuyuki Kurimoto

Business Development Manager
Yasuyuki Kurimoto joined LHH Japan as business development manager in 2004, responsible for global and multinational customers. As a sales development manager, he has worked intensively to develop a number of new global & foreign capital companies as well as enhancing relationships with existing clients.  While contributing for LHH Japan’s steady business growth, he has worked with a number of clients i supporting them in their rationalization measures.  Before joining LHH, he spent 18 years in investment banking as a foreign exchange and interbank dealer at Paine Webber, Midland Bank (HSBC) and Societe General.

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