Lee Hecht Harrison Introduces Ella—the Career Transition Industry’s First AI-Powered Digital Career Agent

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LHH’s new Digital Career Agent further enhances their industry-leading career transition technology by using artificial intelligence that makes searching for a job easier, faster and more effective.

MAITLAND, FL -- February 8, 2017: Today Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) is pleased to announce a new member to their team. Ella is an artificial intelligence-powered Digital Career Agent—who will help individuals in career transition find new jobs easier, faster and more effectively.

When someone loses their job, knowing where to start looking for a new one can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of job sites to search and millions of job postings, yet these public jobs postings account for only 20% of available job opportunities. That’s where Ella comes in. Ella is an AI-powered chatbot who works alongside LHH’s experienced career coaches, talent connectors, and recruiting specialists feeding individuals in career transition relevant job leads. She is available to all individuals whose company has purchased LHH’s career transition services on their behalf.


By automating the process of wading through tons of data, individuals will be able to focus on more complex and personalized components of a job search, such as interview preparation with a career coach and networking.

Sean Paley SVP, Digital Innovation


Ella uses AI technology to interact with individuals; asking questions about their skill set, desired job title, and geographic requirements. She then uses this information to search for relevant job leads from a variety of public and private sources, including LHH’s proprietary database which includes “hidden jobs” (not publicly posted) via the company’s relationships with thousands of employers. Ella frees up time for individuals so they can focus on more strategic elements of a job search with their coach, accelerating the time it takes to find a new job.

Ella uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn the preferences and job selections an individual makes over time and refines the job search results, so they are more targeted. “Ella will ensure a better match between the requirements of a position and the needs of an individual in the job search. And by automating the process of wading through tons of data, individuals will be able to focus on more complex and personalized components of a job search, such as interview preparation with a career coach and networking,” said Sean Paley, Senior Vice President, Digital Innovation at Lee Hecht Harrison.

Here’s how Ella works:

  • Individuals in LHH career transition programs are greeted by Ella, an AI-powered Digital Career Agent when they log into their career transition web portal.
  • Ella will introduce herself and engage individuals in an intelligent, dynamic conversation to assist them in defining their job search criteria.
  • She’ll quickly search tens of thousands of job postings from a variety of public and private databases and identify job openings that most accurately match the needs of the individual.
  • Ella will then send a customized summary of high-quality job recommendations, as she discovers them, until they find a new job.
  • Ella continues to learn and refine her search for the most relevant jobs based on the types of jobs the individual is seeking so that the job leads she discovers are better matches.

Ella is just one example of how LHH is using technology and analytics to reinvent career transition and place individuals in new jobs faster. "As Ella and AI technology evolves, we see her becoming more specialized as she learns and adapts. This will enable Ella to play a larger advisory role as she develops,” says Paley. “This is just the beginning of Ella’s progress.”

Learn more about Ella, Lee Hecht Harrison's new Digital Career Agent.

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