Lee Hecht Harrison Named Best in Class in Talent & Leadership Consulting by ALM Intelligence

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LHH at the Top of the Vanguard for “Needs Assessment” Capability.

NEW YORK, NY – October 23, 2018 – Lee Hecht Harrison announced today that ALM Intelligence has recognized it as “Best in Class” in Talent & Leadership Consulting in the capability area of “Needs Assessment.”  In the report, The ALM Vanguard: Best Talent and Leadership Consultants 2018, ALM Intelligence states, “LHH’s pain curve/gain curve is an effective needs assessment tool for guiding stakeholders through an analysis of their organization’s talent and leadership pain points that clarifies the trade-offs between short-term talent solutions that provide immediate relief and longer-term strategies that yield lasting benefits to the organization.”

“Organizations in every industry are facing unprecedented disruption. The continuing impact of technology, the increasing speed of innovation in machine learning, artificial intelligence and robots, a growing talent shortage and shifting workforce demographics are forcing companies to constantly transform their business models just to stay alive,” said Ranjit de Sousa, President of LHH. “Most organizations tackle this with short-term solutions that focus on the pain points, instead of investing in a discovery process to gain a deep understanding of what’s needed to transform and developing a long-term strategy to create a reinvigorated company—the gain. To meet this need we work to balance pain and gain to align organizational objectives with each individual’s purpose to develop the culture and capability of the future.”

Chris Rice, Global Managing Director, Talent Development Practice for LHH added, “Companies that manage both the pain and gain interactively are able to renew themselves constantly and thrive by mitigating the risk associated with transformation. They develop workforce resilience, strengthen the employer brand, retain key talent and unlock future value through assessment and development practices that prepare the organization for the future. These organizations have the people they need to navigate the business through challenging times with lasting success.”

According to Liz DeVito, ALM lead analyst for Talent & Leadership Consulting, “LHH’s portfolio of consulting-based solutions all involve a discovery process where the organization and its talent are assessed to form a baseline understanding of foundational competencies and transformational capabilities while laying the groundwork for shared ownership and accountabilities.”

ALM Intelligence defines talent and leadership consulting as professional services focused on the processes and systems used to source, develop, and retain a superior workforce. ALM Intelligence rates providers according to a three-level scale based on their relative breadth and depth of overall capabilities. According to ALM, “LHH is unique in their ability to independently execute a broad array of projects across the full spectrum of client contexts.”

Additional Findings:

  • “Lee Hecht Harrison’s approach is business-led, strategic, and underpinned by a commitment to accelerate results by simplifying the complexities of talent and leadership consulting interventions.”
  • “LHH provides services and solutions for all phases of the employee lifecycle through several practices.”
  • “LHH’s core service delivery model follows three phases: align and design, implement, sustain and measure. Each phase is supported by frameworks, methodologies, and tools to ensure the design of talent and leadership strategies that are aligned, operable, and measurable.”

About Lee Hecht Harrison

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) helps companies transform their leaders and workforce so they can accelerate performance. In an era of continuous change, successfully transforming your workforce depends on how well companies and their people embrace, navigate, and lead change; in the organization and their career. At Lee Hecht Harrison we use our expertise in talent development and transition to deliver tailored solutions that help our clients transform their leaders and workforce so they have the people and culture they need to evolve and grow. We are passionate about making a difference in peoples’ careers and building better leaders so our clients can build a strong employer brand.

About ALM Intelligence

ALM Intelligence, a division of ALM Media LLC, supports legal, consulting, and benefits decision-makers seeking guidance on critical business challenges. Our proprietary market reports and analysis, rating guides, prospecting tools, surveys, and rankings, inform and empower business leaders to meet business challenges with confidence. Please visit www.alm.com/intelligence for more information.


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Lee Hecht Harrison
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