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New “Active Placement™” model designed to get people into better jobs, fasterby actively placing talent in transition with employers who need them



TORONTO, ON – April 16, 2018 – Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge (LHH Knightsbridge) today announced that they have reinvented their career transition model to get people more quickly into similar or better jobs; either better salary, better fit with culture, skills and career interests, and/or more responsibility and challenge. While Outplacement focuses on helping those in career transition find a new job, LHH Knightsbridge’s new “Active Placement™” model focuses on working directly with Talent Acquisition professionals to uncover more job opportunities and proactively promote talent in transition directly to employers. By uncovering more job opportunities than public job postings, unemployed individuals are much more likely to find an equal or better job in less time. 


Many career transition firms rely solely on search and match technology to connect people to job postings on public job boards and websites. However only 15% of people find a new job from job boards. LHH Knightsbridge uses AI enabled semantic search and match technology, and has put in place new Talent Promoters who work directly with talent acquisition professionals and recruiters, from thousands of organizations around the world, to uncover more job opportunities and promote talent in transition directly to employers who need them.


“Our new model represents a dramatic shift from Outplacement to Active Placement™ far surpassing what is currently being done in our industry today,” said Kim Spurgeon, Senior Vice President, Sales for LHH Knightsbridge. “Today, companies are continuously transforming their workforces to keep pace with changing strategies and evolving business models. As a result, companies are letting go talented individuals that other companies would love to hire. We know that more than 85% of jobs are found via networking, not online job postings, so we redesigned our career transition process to create a transformative experience, that more quickly and effectively helps people discover their best career path and promotes them to thousands of talent acquisition professionals at employers and recruiting firms.”


LHH Knightsbridge’s new Active Placement™ model is powered by a new Digital Talent Exchange™, a proprietary system specifically designed to market individuals directly to employers who are searching for new talent. The system will create a new digital profile of each candidate that makes them infinitely more marketable to hiring managers searching for new talent. This digital profile will be much more comprehensive than a typical resume with data and insights from LHH Knightsbridge’s team of personal branding experts and experienced career coaches.

Our new Active Placement™ model combines the personal, caring touch of a dedicated team of experts with advanced technology to improve the effectiveness and experience of career transition from start to finish. As soon as individuals register with LHH Knightsbridge they receive targeted job leads from Ella, the company’s digital career agent. For those looking for similar jobs to their previous position, our industry-specific Personal Branding experts will provide individuals with new SEO optimized resumes and LinkedIn profiles that increase the likelihood of being sourced by recruiting technology and recruiters within 72 hours. Their resumes are added to the company’s new Digital Talent Exchange which contains thousands of hidden job opportunities, uncovered by the company’s Talent Promoters and can be accessed by thousands of talent acquisition professionals from recruiters and employers, including LHH’s 7,000 client firms. This enables the company’s 3000+ experienced career coaches to focus their time on helping individuals evaluate their career interests and options, select the best opportunities, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers so they get the best job they can.



How Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge Evolved Career Transition


  • Centralized industry-specific Branding Team assesses an individual’s online reputation and creates optimized personal branding materials, including a new resume and LinkedIn profile that will get them noticed by recruiters within 72 hours.


  • Traditional outplacement firms push only public job leads to individuals in transition. LHH Knightsbridge has dedicated Talent Promoters that work with talent acquisition professionals to identify their talent requirements, uncover job opportunities not posted on job boards, and proactively market and connect individuals in transition. LHH Knightsbridge’s new Digital Talent Exchange contains a digital profile on all candidates, globally organized by talent pools. As well, it contains thousands of hidden job opportunities uncovered by LHH Knightsbridge industry- specific Talent Promoters, working with large employers who connect individuals with specific job opportunities with local employers. As a result, individuals have access to up to 80% more job opportunities—and therefore a greater chance they will find an ideal job, and will find it faster.


  • Working with other outplacement firms, individuals often settle for just any job. LHH Knightsbridge has evolved the learning & development experience by matching career coaches with individuals based on industry experience and fit, who will help them develop new skills, hone interviewing techniques and learn effective negotiation tactics so they can land better jobs, at better salaries. 


Jim Mitchell, President for LHH Knightsbridge stated, “As the industry leader, LHH Knightsbridge has innovated and expanded all aspects of our career transition delivery model for many years at a level that other firms cannot come close to matching. Our new Active Placement™ model demonstrates our commitment to leading the industry again, with a laser focus on helping our clients more effectively transition their workforce, while protecting their employer brand by providing better jobs for their departing employees.”




About Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge


Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge (LHH Knightsbridge) helps companies simplify the complexity associated with transforming their leadership and workforce so they can accelerate results, with less risk.  As leaders in Talent & Leadership Development, Career Solutions and Executive, Interim and Mid-Level Search, we assist organizations in finding new talent and helping their employees navigate change, become better leaders, develop better careers, and transition into new jobs.  We have the local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry-leading technology and analytics required to simplify the complexity associated with executing critical talent and workforce initiatives, reducing brand and operational risk.  Teams across Canada and around the world leverage our proven programs and global experience to deliver tailored solutions to clients that align talent with the needs of their business.



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