Développement des talents et du leadership

Coaching pour cadres supérieurs

Passez à la vitesse supérieure avec vos leaders à l'aide d'un coaching ciblé, destiné à intensifier leur développement et leur rendement.

Que vous vouliez développer des talents à fort potentiel, faciliter la transition de leaders vers de nouveaux rôles, gérer efficacement le changement ou améliorer l'efficacité de vos équipes, le coaching joue un rôle catalyseur dans le soutien et l'amélioration du rendement organisationnel.

Notre approche de coaching éprouvée et adaptable, mise en oeuvre par notre équipe de classe mondiale constituée de coachs aguerris, produit des résultats mesurables et durables qui vous donnent un avantage concurrentiel.

Nos experts en coaching pour cadres supérieurs

Mary Ellen Rogahn

Mary Ellen Rogahn

Mary Ellen joined Lee Hecht Harrison on September 1 as SVP, Global Coaching. Mary Ellen is an energetic results-driven leader experienced leading large-scale global training initiatives and forming strategic partnerships with key internal & external stakeholders.

In a previous role; Director of Global Leadership Programs at General Electric’s Healthcare (GEHC) business, Mary Ellen led the partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison to execute the Global Manager Coaching Program for 7,200 global GEHC managers over two-years demonstrating success in achieving goals and creating strong ties to business performance metrics.

Mary Ellen will be responsible for leading our global coaching practices and solutions through working with zone leadership around the world to ensure we continue to aligning our coaching process & practices to client expectations and growth with focus on 3 critical areas: • Global Coaching Infrastructure: Assessing & aligning talent and engagement processes to secure existing revenues and promote new revenues opportunities • Global Coaching Solutions: Evaluating & contemporizing existing solutions to current and future generations of leaders • New Opportunities: Integrating coaching into new Talent Development solutions and scaling regional coaching solutions for broader organizational reach Mary Ellen holds a MS with honors in Human Resource Development - University of Wisconsin-Stout and holds several professional certifications in Coaching, Change Management, Inclusive Leadership, Negotiations, Personal Effectiveness, and Developing High Performing Teams. She lives in Delafield Wisconsin enjoying most outdoor activities with her 2 daughters and 2 rescue dogs.

Nos services de coaching pour cadres supérieurs

Communiquez avec nous pour discuter de nos services de coaching pour cadres supérieurs.

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