Men struggling to ‘step back and switch off’, with a fifth regularly taking work home

Kerry Simmons Press Release 3 mins

Men are regularly working around the clock, potentially sacrificing their health in the process, research released to coincide with Men’s Health Week has discovered.

The study by Lee Hecht Harrison Penna found that more than half of men are regularly putting in at least half an hour of extra work a day, with 52 per cent turning up to the office early and 63 per cent staying late. 

Meanwhile, almost one in five (19 per cent) confessed they take work home at least once a week and 16 per cent said they are stressed on a daily basis.

“Our research has shown men are not allowing themselves to take a step back and switch off from work, which can cause issues down the line,” said Nick Goldberg, chief executive of UK & Ireland for Lee Hecht Harrison Penna. “With our working life and private life becoming increasingly integrated, negativity and unhappiness at work can easily spill over and become all consuming.

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