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Along with our sponsors and partners, we contribute to industry insights and best practice that help organisations build agile and engaged workforces.

The City HR Association is professional body for HR in organisations and sectors that support the City of London. City HR provide HR professionals with the tools, research, best practice documents and expertise to support the challenges facing their businesses.
London HR Connection is an unique forum for Human Resources professionals. They host regular events that offer great speakers on the hottest topics in the world of Human Resources.
Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a global association for talent management and leadership best practices and ideas. Lee Hecht Harrison has partnered with HCI to conduct research and share the latest advances in leadership development, career development, and employee engagement.
Human Resource People & Strategy (HRPS) is a strategically-focused network of influential human resource executives representing the world’s most prominent organizations. As part of HRPS, Lee Hecht Harrison provides expert insights on career transition and outplacement, leadership development, employee engagement, and change management.
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR membership organization devoted to human resource management. By partnering with SHRM, Lee Hecht Harrison can provide expert advice and insights on career transition and outplacement, leadership development, career development, and employee engagement with more than 275,000 human resource professionals around the world.

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