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M and A, the ultimate workforce challenge

Kerry Simmons Report 5 mins

Despite the excitement and aspirations of achieving larger market share, driving greater innovation and enhancing revenue stream, which typically provide motivation for M&A, it has been reported that up to 90% of deals fail. This is often due to an over-focus by senior leaders on the financial aspects of the deal, with a misguided disregard for integrating the workforces of the acquirer and acquired companies. Failure to get people on board when there are drastic changes ahead will stand in the way of leaders looking to capitalise upon the gains the deal was intended to provide in the first place. 

it has been reported that up to 90% of deals fail. 

Regardless of the specific details of any deal, the fact remains that organisations going through M&A need to maintain business as usual, and then continue to drive revenue as a combined entity. Achieving that without an engaged workforce is next to impossible. 

So, why do we see organisations making the same mistake time and time again by forgetting to tap into the power of their people? 

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