Leadership Accountability Gap

The Leadership Accountability Gap

Helene Cavalli Report

Our global study is the first of its kind, specifically focused on exploring the state of leadership in companies in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The research found a core problem: a lack of leadership accountability. Accountable leadership is a requirement for building an organisation that can thrive and remain agile, prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow.

The leadership accountability gap is not only real, but also addressing it has a profound impact on the effectiveness of an organisation’s leaders and their ability to drive workforce transformation. The report shows the global nature of the problem and provides practical recommendations to help organisations close the leadership accountability gap.

You can use the report as a tool to audit your own organisation to better understand:

  1. The state of leadership accountability in your own organisation
  2. The state of satisfaction with leadership accountability by level
  3. To what extent your leaders are demonstrating behaviours of accountable leaders
  4. To what extent your organisational practices help to build strong leadership accountability

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