Non Discrimination

A commitment at the heart of our DNA

Still today, many people are victims of discrimination during recruitment, whether it is due to their age, gender, origin or sexual orientation. LHH Luxembourg has been committed for many years to the fight against all forms of discrimination in employment. To this end, we have put in place recruitment methods that are entirely based on the skills and professional abilities of candidates. LHH Luxembourg also means joining and participating in the promotion of diversity and acting for professional equality, an essential part of our values.


What are our commitments to fight against discrimination?


All professionals in the public or private sector recognize the reality of discrimination that exists in the job market. Do you find it unfair? So do we. That's why LHH Luxembourg has been involved in fighting discrimination for many years, through three main areas:


  • We guarantee our employees and candidates that there is no discrimination at any stage of the selection process
  • We make our prospects and clients aware of the obligation of non-discrimination
  • We enable our employees to provide a service free of discrimination.


Supporting people with disabilities and promoting their skills


LHH Luxembourg has always been committed to the professional integration of disabled workers. If you are in a situation of disability and recognized as a disabled worker, we support you in your process of getting back to work.