I have been with Lee Hecht Harrison® for 9 years, doing the work that I really love - helping people find their way back, I think it's my professional mission.  Through the work I perform I can be who I am, which is sensitive to the needs of others and concerned about helping people.

In my professional role I have helped many people, but I remember one in particular - a lady who was very young and looking for a management role, but she was not selected in the processes because they viewed her as being too young. So we worked hard to strengthen several aspects and finally she obtained a management position and three years later a regional one in the United Sates. It was seven years ago that I helped her, and she still writes to me and tells me that I was the angel that she will never forget.

Lee Hecht Harrison is a Company focused on people, concerned about the professional and personal development of its employees. Lee Hecht Harrison has also supported numerous people who are undergoing career transition, as well as organizations to strengthen their leaders and manage change processes.

If you are really passionate about helping people and organizations, you should join Lee Hecht Harrison.



Marcela Ramírez, Career Transition Director, Colombia

We’helpen je snel een nieuwe baan of carrière te vinden.
We hebben meer dan 30.000.000 mensen over de hele wereld geholpen bij het vinden van een nieuwe baan. Met duizenden banen in jouw branche, connecties met meer dan 7.000 werkgevers en recruiters, en meer dan 3,000 loopbaancoaches, hebben we alles wat jij nodig hebt om jouw ideale nieuwe baan of loopbaan te vinden.

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