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The Government Kickstart scheme has been designed to help those aged between 16-24, who are on universal credit get work through a Government sponsored work programme. 

Each Kickstart placement is 100% subsidised by the Government, making it a cost neutral investment for the employer. Organisations can also access a £1,500 training and support grant for each Kickstart placement they employ.

Maximising the effectiveness of the Kickstart training grant

LHH has designed a programme which can support a Kickstart employee’s future employment prospects. Working in tandem with the employer’s 6 month employment programme, it supports an employee’s career development through a series of coaching sessions, workshops and virtual learning. At the end of the 6 months they will be better prepared, motivated and mentally focused to find their next job. 

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What Kickstart employees get

First 3 months – settling into work

  • The first 90 days of the programme has been designed to get employees to identify what is important to them and what their career goals could be
  • The 1st of their career coaching meetings will provide valuable support and opportunity to talk through aspirations, concerns and goals
  • We will help them fully maximise the power of their personal brand, networking and professional presence.

Last 3 months - preparing for the future

  • The 2nd career coach meeting will discuss what they want to do next and what steps they need to take to get there
  • Enhancing their CV 
  • Help with job applications and interview preparation.  

Benefits of partnering with LHH

  • LHH has over 50 years experience of successfully supporting the development of professionals at all stages of their career
  • We have the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to support those at the very start of their careers
  • Kickstart employees will get access to a vast portal of learning, and with our guidance, we can guide and support them to achieve the future career they want
  • Supporting our own in-depth resources, employees also get access to the extensive LinkedIn Learning virtual platform, enabling them to develop skills and learn new ones
  • All Kickstart employees will continue to get access to our career resource portal after their Kickstart employment has ended.

View our Kickstart Scheme Career Development Support programme

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What is the Kickstart scheme and who is it for

The Government Kickstart scheme has been created for those aged between 16-24 years old and who are currently on universal credit to avoid them falling into long term unemployment and providing valuable work experience. 

Employers will work with Jobcentre Plus career consultants to identify potential candidates who will then go through your usual recruitment process to find and employ the ideal candidate for you.

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How much does the Kickstart scheme cost

The Government will pay the employer the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week in addition to related NI and pension contributions. From an employer perspective, this makes a Kickstart employee a cost neutral investment. Employers have the option to top up the wages if they choose.

How long does the Kickstart scheme last

Kickstart jobs must be for new positions and can not be used to replace existing jobs or open vacancies. Each Kickstart employee must be employed for 25 hours per week over a span of 6 months. Once the 6 months has ended, employers are under no obligation to provide full time employment for the person. But if the placement has been a success and you want to continue the person’s employment, go for it! (But there is no further Government funding for that employee.)

What Kickstart support is there

All employers have access to a £1,500 training grant per person which can be used to support the training needs of the employee to aid in their future employability. This grant can be used to pay for specific career development training as well as essentials such as uniform and other costs related to the organisation’s Kickstart employment programme.


View our Kickstart Scheme Career Development Support programme

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