The Gut Check for Leaders

Gut Check: Are You Ready for Your Mid-Year Leadership Gut Check?

Vince Molinaro, Ph.D. Blog 3 min

The Gut Check for Leaders

If you’re a leader, you know that the mid-point of the year is also that time when you will have to meet with your manager and submit to a mid-year performance review.

My own review will take place in a couple of weeks. In my experience, I find that some leaders dread these meetings. Others see them as a great opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and identify areas of further development.

I have found that the key to a successful mid-year review meeting is preparation. For the past few years now, I’ve been posting a blog at the end of June encouraging leaders to conduct a mid-year gut check. I believe that it’s critical for us to take some time during the year to pause and reflect on our own leadership accountability.

In my book, The Leadership Contract Field Guide, I provide a series of questions for you to use to conduct a self-assessment. They also serve as an excellent way to prepare for your mid-year review meeting.

Don’t just scan these questions. Spend a good 15 minutes and really think about your answers.

  1. Have you been an accountable leader so far in 2018?
  2. In what specific ways did you step up and accept the challenges of leadership?
  3. What were some critical leadership decisions that you made? What was the impact of those decisions on your team and organization?
  4. What enduring value did you create for your key stakeholders? Did you make your team stronger? Have you built effective relationships with peers across the organization?
  5. What difficult tasks did you accept this past year? Did you demonstrate courage as a leader?
  6. Did you help strengthen the sense of community among the leaders in your organization?
  7. Looking at the next six months, what can you do to make you a truly accountable leader?

I would be really interested to hear about some of your personal insights. Feel free to reach out to me with your comments.

I wish you a great summer and hope you find meaningful time to relax, re-energize and reconnect with your family and friends. That’s exactly what I will be doing.

This blog also marks the beginning of a summer break from my gut check blogs. I will be back in September with more weekly gut check insights to help you become a more accountable leader!

This week’s Gut Check for Leaders asks:  Are you ready for a mid-year leadership gut check?

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