Talent and leadership development

Leadership development programs

Our programs create confident, capable and inspiring leaders who can change company cultures, drive performance, and improve employee engagement.

More than ever, businesses need good leaders to help them thrive in a changing and unpredictable world. Businesses are having to constantly adapt to global trends, and teams freed from the office by technology still need to come together around a common purpose.

We design and deliver effective leadership development programs that suit your business needs and how your leaders learn. That's why we’re recognized as one of the Top Leadership Development firms in the world by ALM Research & Advisory.

Each program looks at how changes in behavior can create more effective leaders – leading to people who are more engaged and motivated to make your business perform better and grow faster.

Meet our leadership development experts

Headshot for Kristen Leverone

Kristen Leverone

Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Talent Development
Headshot for Kristen Leverone

Kristen Leverone

Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Talent Development
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Kristen is an experienced strategic sales and business leader with 20+ years in the talent and leadership development industry. She is the Managing Director of Lee Hecht Harrison’s US Talent Development business.In her role she has overall responsibility for growing the business, including meeting annual sales and profitability goals across the US zone. Kristen is also responsible for all US Talent Development operations and client service delivery. She works with C-suite and senior business leaders to provide talent and leadership development solutions proven to improve organizational and individual performance by leveraging her deep and broad content knowledge in organizational leadership and development, specializing in enterprise-wide solutions. Kristen has a passion for cultivating talent and is known for her collaborative approach and strategic mindset.
Headshot for Vicki Foley

Vicki Foley

Global Leadership Development Practice Leader

Vicki provides inspiring leadership on multiple dimensions – senior client leadership, thought leadership, and collaborative leadership within the leadership development practice, the industry verticals, and throughout the organization.

She is passionate about providing Lee Hecht Harrison clients with winning strategies to develop their talent and transform their organizations. As the firm-wide expert, Vicki has designed and delivered leadership development and executive coaching solutions at the enterprise level for a wide range of industries. Vicki lives in Paris, France, and has a truly global perspective on organizational business challenges in today’s complex market.

Our programs

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