Change management

Innovative, turn-key solutions that help top organizations navigate though times of change. 

We'll help you plan for, implement and stay productive through organizational changes, large and small.

One thing that is constant is change. Lee Hecht Harrison is here to help you manage that change with customized solutions to help your business navigate successfully through organizational changes. We incorporate manager and employee training along with sustainability coaching to ensure resilience and workforce productivity. Our processes have been developed to help empower leaders, teams and individuals embrace and accept change in their current business environment, and entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation in an effort to retain your critical talent during times of change.

As an organization, ask yourself:

  • What is changing for leaders, teams and individuals in our organization?
  • What are the key messages that must be delivered throughout this change?
  • To what degree are our managers experienced and prepared to lead, engage and retain employees during the change(s)?
  • What type of training, tools and resources are available to managers and employees around change? To what degree have they participated in the use of these?

By incorporating employees at all levels in the change management process you can build confidence in the changes you're implementing and ensure personal resilience throughout your organization. At LHH our change management solutions are designed to help your organization align expectations, communicate effectively and integrate teams.

The ability for your employees to adapt to the organizational changes you are making is a direct reflection on the tools you give them to help them navigate the waters of change, and we can help.

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