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Four trends impacting leadership teams post-pandemic

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LHH Knightsbridge Search Practice professionals are adept at finding, assessing and delivering both full-time and interim talent—by uncovering the C-suite executives, board directors, and mid-level managers or professionals like you to bring value to hiring organizations.

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Our search practice delivers expertise in three areas

We’re ready to help you build your next career as an executive interim

Formidable change is testing organizations in unexpected ways. Many are overwhelmed by day-to-day pressures and uncertainty while wrestling with how to craft a path forward.

That’s why experienced leaders like you are essential. Interim leaders are required to facilitate vital change, oversee demanding projects, or simply fill a key management position until someone can be hired. Organizations are looking for expertise from acting CEOs and C-Suite executives, to functional leaders and specialists who can lean in and bring value to their organizations, fast.

If you are looking for a strategic role with more flexibility, with a beginning and end date, or to step into new environments and take on exciting mandates, LHH Knightsbridge’s Interim Executive Management Program is an excellent option.

Become an interim leader for any situation

  • Address immediate talent gaps—we’ll match you to a role that fits your expertise, experience and interests so that you can bring value quickly
  • Provide an objective viewpoint—with your unique background, you’ll make a meaningful impact to strategies, policies, and talent needs in different environments
  • Mentor a successor—guide a high potential leader into their next challenge by sharing the skills and principles they need to grow and drive change in today’s marketplace
  • Facilitate vital change—enjoy a fulfilling, flexible engagement to reshape strategies, functional areas, lead M&A’s, or any other large-scale transformation

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Apply to roles that interest you and set up job alerts on the LHH Knightsbridge LinkedIn page. Our clients usually want leaders who can start quickly. If you’re a strong match, we’ll contact you soon after you apply.


We’re ready to connect you to your next great career opportunity

At LHH Knightsbridge, we’re passionate about making a difference for everyone we work with, and we’re quantifiably effective. We work with employers who are actively looking to hire people like you—for your expertise as a middle manager, senior professional, or technical specialist.

What you can expect by working with us

  • An understanding of your career goals—we will proactively match you to a role that aligns with your background, experience and interests so that you can take the next step in your career
  • Deep industry and organizational knowledge—we know industry dynamics and are committed to understanding how the hiring organization would benefit from your unique qualifications
  • A detailed position profile—outlining the company background, position responsibilities and success factors, plus the desired professional and education requirements
  • A connection with the hiring manager—we share interview feedback and help negotiate salary and employment terms

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