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Mother Parkers

LHH has worked in partnership with Mother Parkers to develop and deliver two foundational development programs.

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Posted On May 16, 2023 

LHH has worked in partnership with Mother Parkers to develop and deliver two foundational development programs.  The first was the Advanced Leadership Development program, targeted at its next generation of leaders to prepare them for executive roles. The second was the People Leader Program which is designed for front line leaders.

The challenge

After considering obstacles related to succession and talent at their organization, directors at Mother Parkers established that their next generation of leaders may not be ready to take on executive roles within the organization as they become available. They wanted to identify a key group of leaders that could benefit from broadening their perspective of the business, expanding their responsibilities, and becoming more involved in strategic challenges.

The solution

Mother Parkers worked closely with LHH to develop a purpose-made and highly adaptable curriculum to deal with the challenges that their organization was facing.
Advanced Leadership Development Program: This leadership program was intended to prepare the next generation of leaders to assume executive roles with the organization.  This comprehensive 12-month program consisted of a participant orientation, assessment center, four 2- day in-person modules, virtual peer coaching sessions, field and learning assignments, 1:1 development coaching opportunities, along with a final capstone project at the end of the journey.  

People Leader Program: Due to the successful completion of the Advanced Leadership Development program, we were asked to once again partner with Mother Parkers to build a second program.  This program is specifically designed for front line leaders and is currently being implemented over an 18-month period.  This fully virtual program consists of leader and participant orientations, Hogan EQ assessment, three mindset modules, 360 assessment, 13 skillset modules, leadership accountability sessions and a Capstone event. 

The results

The Advanced Leadership Development Program delivered significant results to Mother Parkers. Participants have moved into expanded leadership positions, have assumed active roles in executing the organization’s strategic plan, and have defined personal development plans based on what they learned in the program. The program was highly recommended by participants, with a 92% net promoter score, and received evaluation results of 94%. The People Leader Program is currently about halfway through delivery to six cohorts and has received an overall success rating of 91% to date.