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5 Steps to Building a Culture that Supports Internal Talent Development and Mobility
All over the world, working people are craving support to learn, grow and future-proof their careers. They understand that the very nature of work is changing, and if they are to remain relevant, they will need to acquire new skills to fill the jobs of the future. And for the most part, employers understand this pressing need for career and skills development. But somehow, even though we all want the same things, employers, and the people they employ just can’t seem to start the career development conversation. Continue reading >>


How to Unlock the Value of Your People with Talent Assessments
Far too many organizations in today’s modern world of work primarily employ assessments during the external hiring process. Although it’s critically important that companies know as much as possible about the people they are hiring, assessments can do so much more. Organizations that do regular talent assessments – from hiring all the way through leadership succession – are profoundly less affected by the skills mismatch. Progress often comes right after some unflinching self-assessment. This small quiz should tell you whether you are getting the most value out of assessments. Continue reading >>


Bridging the Growing Chasm Between Leaders and Their People: Spotlight on Back to Work
The disconnect between senior leaders and the people they lead is related to many issues surrounding return-to-work planning. These issues are significant and potentially destructive. People have dealt with a lot of change in the last 18 months and a poor effort in designing return-to-work plans or imposing a solution that runs against the grain of employee opinion, could handicap human capital strategy for years to come. Continue reading >>


Why Aren’t All Leaders at Your Organization Getting Coaching?
The must-have accessory for leaders of all levels – from the executive suite all the way down to the frontline managers – is going to be coaching. Coaching has evolved into a solution that is applicable to all levels of leadership, largely because leaders at all levels are being asked to exhibit the same, high-level leadership skills that were once the sole domain of the C-suite. In case someone in your organization asks you, here are the top four reasons why coaching should be a key part of leadership development at every level of your organization. Continue Reading >>


Employee Expectations Are Changing: Here’s Where Employers Need to Focus
Is the gap between employee expectations and the reality of their experience at work holding your company back? According to Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Evangelist at Peakon, a people analytics and employee engagement firm, a lack of alignment between employee expectations on well-being and what they are experiencing may impact business success. Continue reading >>


On the Road to True D&I, You Need to Check All the Boxes
There are a lot of moving parts in a successful D&I program. As it applies to talent acquisition, D&I is often viewed as an effort to improve the overall racial and gender diversity of your hires. If you do not broaden diversity at that critical level of the talent ecosystem, it will be hard to change the D&I profile of your organization. The following is a checklist that every organization should consider when attempting to address D&I goals at the recruitment and hiring level. Continue reading >>


In today’s marketplace, organizations are discovering the need to turn their attention inward to find their future talent. At LHH, we help companies see the possibilities in their people. Through recruitment, assessments, coaching, upskilling, and transitioning, companies can realize the untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, morale, and brand affinity. Click here to connect with our team.

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