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Why Aren’t All Leaders at Your Organization Getting Coaching?
The must-have accessory for leaders of all levels – from the executive suite all the way down to the frontline managers – is going to be coaching. Coaching has evolved into a solution that is applicable to all levels of leadership, largely because leaders at all levels are being asked to exhibit the same, high-level leadership skills that were once the sole domain of the C-suite. In case someone in your organization asks you, here are the top four reasons why coaching should be a key part of leadership development at every level of your organization. Continue Reading >>


There Isn’t a Better Time to Build a True Coaching Culture
There are a lot of people in the human resources world talking about building a “coaching culture” and encouraging leaders to have more “coach-like conversations.” But how much do we really know about the work involved in making these shifts? To help cut through some of the misconceptions in this discussion, we’ve assembled a list of three ‘must-know’ qualities of a coaching culture that not only explain what it is but also why you should start building one right away. Continue Reading >>


Coaching: Making Leadership Development Stick
Traditional leadership development can be very effective on its own. However, coaching can take the skills, behaviours and mindsets that form the curriculum in a classroom or group learning experience and turn them into personal, customized solutions that help leaders learn more, more quickly, and retain that knowledge longer. When you’re building a LD program, consider the benefits of a model that combines traditional learning and coaching. Continue Reading >>


The State of Coaching & Mentoring in 2021
To understand the coaching and mentoring landscape in 2021, we surveyed 326 professionals from a cross-section of industries.  We explored a range of topics to understand what is and is not working, including how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced coaching and mentoring, the key skills effective coaches and mentors need, and the barriers affecting coaching and mentoring today. Continue Reading >>


How Leadership Coaching Will Transform Your Workplace for the Better
Could leadership coaching be the missing link in our efforts to create a happier, healthier and safer workplace? At first blush, the relationship between coaching and workplace wellness may not seem that obvious. Coaching can make your leaders more effective and productive, drive higher engagement scores and produce better overall results. However, when the discussion turns to the mental and physical wellness of employees, coaching rarely comes up. Continue Reading >>


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