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Bridging the Growing Chasm Between Leaders and Their People: Spotlight on Back to Work
The disconnect between senior leaders and the people they lead is related to many issues surrounding return-to-work planning. These issues are significant and potentially destructive. People have dealt with a lot of change in the last 18 months and a poor effort in designing return-to-work plans or imposing a solution that runs against the grain of employee opinion, could handicap human capital strategy for years to come. Continue reading >>


Inoculating Against Change Fatigue: Leadership Through Turbulence
Many organizational leaders are struggling with how to help themselves and help their depleted teams.  They are wrestling with maintaining optimism, motivation, productivity and focus, but not at the expense of demonstrating empathy and deeper connections. While leadership through a pandemic is largely unchartered terrain for this generation, several tactics can be drawn on to allow leaders and their teams to move past survival to build resilience and to reignite energy and focus. Continue reading >>


Why You Should Encourage Your Team to Take Time Off
I’ve got a problem with my team. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been blessed with an incredibly talented and hard-working team. But in the past year or so, they’ve become very reluctant to take any vacation time. We need to do something to help our people recharge their batteries. But affecting this kind of change is not going to happen organically; leaders need to be deliberate about policies and strategies. Continue reading >>


Employee Expectations Are Changing: Here’s Where Employers Need to Focus
Is the gap between employee expectations and the reality of their experience at work holding your company back? According to Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Evangelist at Peakon, a people analytics and employee engagement firm, a lack of alignment between employee expectations on well-being and what they are experiencing may impact business success. Continue reading >>


Five Key Leadership Behaviours for a New Kind of Leader
According to a ground-breaking global research survey conducted by The Adecco Group, senior business leaders are profoundly disconnected from their employees on most major workplace issues, including career development, mental health and wellness and plans for a full or partial return to the office. Continue reading >>


The Future of the Office: Where Do We Go From Here?
I think the office environment will return; but I’m not sure any of us know exactly what it will look like. Everyone from landlords, to human resource professionals, to designers of office layouts and furniture, are working steadily to create an office that is fit for the future. I like to break things down into what I call the three Cs of future workplace planning: culture, collaboration and communication. These are the key elements we need to consider when deciding who comes back to the office, what the approach looks like, and what kind of office they come back to. Continue reading >>


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