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On the Road to True D&I, You Need to Check All the Boxes
There are a lot of moving parts in a successful D&I program. As it applies to talent acquisition, D&I is often viewed as an effort to improve the overall racial and gender diversity of your hires. If you do not broaden diversity at that critical level of the talent ecosystem, it will be hard to change the D&I profile of your organization. The following is a checklist that every organization should consider when attempting to address D&I goals at the recruitment and hiring level. Continue reading >>


How to Stop New Hires From 'Ghosting' You in a Pandemic Job Market
Although the ghosting phenomenon can involve a number of complex issues, sometimes it is simply the result of an employer being a bit too pokey in the screening process, too leisurely in making a job offer, and too casual when it comes to onboarding. While a hiring process is never perfect, pandemic or not, there are some things you can do to prevent candidates from ghosting. Continue reading >>


Back to the Office: What's Next After the Pandemic?
There is no post-pandemic solution that will work for everyone; every company will have to decide on their own what the future will look like. However, the one thing that all employers share is a critical need to communicate with their people about the possible scenarios that are in play. Here are a few of the issues and challenges you should consider when designing a return-to-work strategy. Continue reading >>


How Startups Can Find and Hire the Right People to Expand Their Business
There is a moment in the evolution of every tech startup when the people who started the company realize they don’t have enough people, or the right people, to allow it to grow and prosper. Even worse, they don’t know how or where to find those people, and even if they did, they don’t have the time to look around. For Peak Power Inc., that moment came in in early 2020 when founder and CEO Derek Lim Soo realized his company was outgrowing its workforce. Continue reading >>


The Enduring Value of Interim Leadership
You’ve just suffered an unexpected departure from your executive team. Nobody saw it coming, and there really isn’t anyone within the organization who can step in and fill the recently vacated shoes. Increasingly, situations like these are prompting organizations to look at interim executive candidates. Although interim or contingent hiring has been an effective workforce management tool for a very long time, it has not been used as often to fill gaps in executive teams.  Recent trends show that it is gaining in popularity. Continue reading >>


Adaptability Skills: What Recruiters and Hiring Managers Are Looking For Most
When faced with constant and seismic change – as is certainly the case right now – what quality do we need to possess to master that change and find our way to a more successful and sustainable career? Increasingly there is a consensus around the idea that adaptability – the capacity to make adjustments in how we approach life as conditions change and remake ourselves for new challenges – may be the single greatest job skill that anyone can possess right now. Continue reading >>

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