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Succession Planning: 6 Ways to Tell if Your Leadership is Future-Proof
The pandemic has exposed pre-pandemic shortcomings in key talent management functions as they relate to leadership development and succession and is threatening a seismic shift in the leadership ranks of most companies. It is leading some individual leaders to choose earlier than planned retirement and exposing others as bad fits for current and future challenges. The following mini-quiz won’t give you a roadmap to a comprehensive succession plan, but it should help you expose areas of immediate need. Continue reading >>


Employee Reskilling and Upskilling: Next is Now
Future-proofing your workforce is so critically important that it cannot be left to that list of “next” things. Now is really the time to stop talking about future-proofing your workforce and start doing it. But where to start? Like any great challenge, the path to a solution can only be found through a brutally honest self-evaluation. For employers, this means asking three very tough questions about your human capital. Continue reading >>


5 Steps to Building a Culture that Supports Internal Talent Development and Mobility
All over the world, working people are craving support to learn, grow and future-proof their careers. They understand that the very nature of work is changing, and if they are to remain relevant, they will need to acquire new skills to fill the jobs of the future. And for the most part, employers understand this pressing need for career and skills development. But somehow, even though we all want the same things, employers, and the people they employ just can’t seem to start the career development conversation. Continue reading >>


Executives in Transition: Three Top Actions to Take in 2021
Executive departures are, by their very nature, disruptive events. However, they do not need to be destructive. A thoughtful, well-planned approach for re-casting senior leadership can replace ambiguity with certainty and emotion with rational resolve. The best transitions are seamless, with as little confusion and recrimination as possible. They meet the needs of both the individual involved, and the organization. Continue reading >>


Outplacement: It’s Not Just for the Big Guys
For many mid-market companies, finding a career transition partner can seem like an insurmountable task. There are a lot of firms in the career transition marketplace that make all kinds of promises and employ significantly different approaches. How are you supposed to find the firm that will be the best fit for your organization? The following checklist can help you find the career transition firm that is best suited for your particular needs. Continue reading >>


Career mobility is more than addressing at-risk populations or driving promotions, it’s about lifelong employability through continuous employee development. At LHH, we know future skills are constantly changing–and we believe the best way to address skill needs is to support requirements now while also planning for the future. Click here to connect with our team.

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