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Sourcing and assessing exceptional, diverse, full-time & interim talent to transform your organization

Sourcing and assessing exceptional, diverse, full-time & interim talent to transform your organization

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Success starts with the right people

The best organizations start with exceptional diverse talent—sharp minds that understand their culture and values and have the skills and growth potential to evolve in pace with it.

With decades of experience behind them, LHH Knightsbridge Search Practice professionals are adept at finding, assessing and delivering both full-time and interim talent—by uncovering the C-suite executives, board directors, and mid-level managers or senior professionals you need to take your organization to the next level. Meet the team.


Our search practice delivers expertise in four areas:

Leader Capabilities

leader capabilities

Finding and then attracting transformational leaders to your organization makes all the difference

Deep knowledge of your industry and organization

Our ability to successfully attract candidates to the roles or functions you’re looking to hire comes from being highly knowledgeable about your industry and our commitment to understand your organization with its unique circumstances. With this expertise in hand, we’re well positioned to offer compelling reasons for how candidates can bring their unique qualifications to your leadership opportunity and make a difference in your organization.


Scientific data in the decision-making process

Leveraging the work of our leadership consulting team on transformational leadership capabilities, we go beyond assessing candidates for their experience and fit with the role and organization to include an exploration of evidence of the candidate’s transformational leadership capabilities.

This exploration includes our proprietary Assessment for Transformational Leadership and an in-depth interview by an LHH Knightsbridge assessment professional. If requested, we can also leverage a broader psychometric assessment to further validate strengths, potential blind spots, and readiness for the role.

The outcome is a multi-dimensional analysis of all aspects of fit ensuring you are hiring leaders who are aligned with your current and future needs, and a plan to help them transition successfully into the position. There is simply no better way to “de-risk” the hiring decision.

Underpinned by our view on transformation, our proven process is tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

A new take on a proven process

Through all phases of the executive search process (planning, research, candidate evaluation, final selection and integration), our services are future-focused, scientifically-rigorous, and concentrated on finding candidates who have succeeded largely as a result of their transformational leadership abilities and approaches.

Proven Process

New take

Identifying diverse board candidates skilled at driving transformation 

As organizations grapple with unanticipated risk and disruptive competitive forces, boards need to look for innovative directors who can help the organization navigate through the uncertainty ahead. It requires a new skill set, a new mindset, a new relationship with management—all layered on a strong governance knowledge base.

With our decades of experience as a leading executive search firm, LHH Knightsbridge’s Board of Directors Search team partners with you to assess your needs, and then enters the market to identify and evaluate board candidates who have the expertise and agility to serve in this essential function. We have developed a set of capabilities that define transformational directors, resulting in progressive contribution to your board. 

We follow a proven methodology that combines broad sourcing, deep research and vetting, compelling messaging, insightful assessments, and knowledge-based advisory—to identify, assess, and attract a diverse set of top director candidates to your board for consideration. 

Board of Directors search process

Board of Directors


Why LHH Knightsbridge for Board of Directors search?

We provide expertise, insight and options

As a global, fully integrated human capital firm, LHH Knightsbridge offers a team of multi-disciplinary experts and a unique value that includes:

  • A dedicated Board of Director search practice—combining thought leadership and best practice insights with deep and broad reach into relevant candidate communities anywhere in the world
  • The ability to uncover diverse Board talent—ensuring that you have the representation you need to achieve your ambitious goals
  • Deep understanding of how to drive growth—and finding board candidates who actively address risks and advance opportunities to guide the company forward
  • Experience and expertise in transformation—helping boards identify and understand unique capabilities that define innovative and progression at the board level
  • Inhouse, dedicated Psychologists—to conduct thorough board candidate assessments that highlight fit to role, unique strengths and personal makeup requirements which improve the onboarding process
  • Selection committee assistance—on how to best run their process ensuring transparency and thoroughness

Leaders on demand, ready to transform your organization

In the current volatile, everchanging business environment, it is essential for your success to be able to easily access proven, skilled interim leaders who can instantly bring value to your organization.

LHH Knightsbridge Interim Executive partners with organizations providing independent consultants and skilled interim managers to lead business transformation, carry out high-level projects or initiatives such as M&A work, rebranding, increasing revenues or profits, and quickly fill critical leadership positions on an interim basis until someone can be hired permanently.  

Our large network of highly qualified, independent leaders ranges from acting CEOs, CHROs and other C-Suite leaders, to functional leaders and specialists.

Interim leadership for any situation

Interim Leadership


Why LHH Knightsbridge for interim executive management services?

LHH Knightsbridge has been a leading interim executive management firm for over 20 years. We have a deep and broad talent network of referenced, qualified and highly accomplished leaders.

Using our proven interim executive matching process, we analyze your company, the situation, and find the right expertise and executive you need.

We partner with you to ensure you don’t miss a beat, keep your business moving forward and highly productive, and provide the right interim executive to meet your goals.

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Recruitment Solutions—identifying mid-level leaders to match your talent requirements

Hiring for important leadership roles requires intense research—the kind of time and effort your team may not be set up to do right now.

That is where we can help. LHH Knightsbridge’s recruitment experts conduct extensive and multifaceted research and sourcing to qualify and deliver highly capable and diverse candidates for your middle-to-upper management, senior professional and senior technical roles.

We’ll do all the legwork for you



Why LHH Knightsbridge for recruitment services

We specialize in understanding your business environment and consulting with you to identify the capabilities needed. Serving as a brand ambassador for your organization, we ensure candidates understand your corporate values and culture. This means better alignment to your business and a better employee.

The diversity and quality of our people, combined with our tailored search strategies and dedicated attention to your needs, results in the highest closure rates in the industry.

Areas of recruitment expertise

  • Industries
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Professional Services
  • Tech & Communications


  • Clinical Operations
  • Corporate Specialists
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Operations & Engineering
  • Physician Leaders
  • Sales & Marketing

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