LHH Signs the BlackNorth Initiative Pledge

This commitment will help foster growth and create better representation for Black and BIPOC Canadians.

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TORONTO, FEBRUARY 19, 2021: LHH (formerly LHH Knightsbridge) has joined with over 400 other Canadian corporations in signing the BlackNorth Initiative pledge in a commitment to take actionable steps to end anti-Black systemic racism. LHH is committed to actioning the goals detailed within the pledge to create opportunities and advocate for underrepresented groups in Canada and to ensure inclusion is at the core of its workplace culture.

LHH recognizes the importance of creating actionable results. Our commitment to the BlackNorth Initiative has already included the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion (“D&I”) Committee, along with Inclusive Leadership and Unconscious Bias training for all leaders and employees. The D&I Committee champions initiatives that continue to support a safe and trusting environment and to raise awareness about anti-racism. LHH plans to deliver on its promise by 2025, including initiatives to understand gaps and foster inclusiveness for the BIPOC communities. 

“At LHH one of our core values is responsibility. By signing the BlackNorth Initiative pledge we are holding ourselves accountable to our workforce. As a leader in the talent industry, we must be especially vigilant in recognizing that anti-Black racism exists in Canada. We have a responsibility to take measurable steps to end it,” said Jim Mitchell, President of LHH Canada.

LHH also actively supports its clients to build more diverse and inclusive cultures through a variety of solutions that target key career moments: recruiting diverse talent, shaping mindsets and leadership skills for critical employee communities and across organizational levels, and providing crucial support as leaders continuously renew and refresh their careers. With our client partners, we are increasing equality in the workplace by normalizing difficult conversations about systematic racism and creating diversity and inclusion plans to share with employees, executives, and board members.

“Our focus has always been about people and our goal is to create an inclusive workplace where every employee can bring their whole selves to work. We are committed to educating ourselves about the barriers that exist and leading by example for our industry to ensure we are doing our part to increase representation of the BIPOC community in Corporate Canada”, said Mitchell. “This pledge signifies a journey, together with the Black community, to create meaningful and lasting changes to eliminate racism and protect social justice for everyone.”

About the BlackNorth Initiative 
The BlackNorth Initiative was created by Wes Hall, founder of Kingsdale Advisors and the founder of BlackNorth Initiative. Hall created The Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism to address anti-Black systemic racism and create better representation for the BIPOC community in Corporate Canada. 

For more information on the BlackNorth Initiative, please find the full pledge here.

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