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Ensure business and project continuity with interim executives who hit the ground running, producing immediate results.

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Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge presents candidates with the right skills, industry knowledge and cultural fit for your organization.  With a dedicated roster of highly qualified, pre-screened leaders, we provide a rigorous, fast and low-risk solution to your urgent talent needs.

  • Leverage our robust database of vetted interim executives, with a solid record of delivering results
  • Achieve short and long term objectives with interim leaders who understand your organizational mandates
  • Fill critical talent gaps across levels, functions and geographies

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Gut Check: Do You Have the Guts to Laugh at Yourself?

Being self-deprecating is really valuable to a leader. We all make mistakes but if we strive to be or appear perfect, we may pay a price in how others see us. 

Gut Check: Who Are Your Pillar People?

I find one of the tragic moments in a company is when a pillar person decides to leave because they were ignored, over-worked or taken for granted.

Gut Check: What Advice Would You Give a Future Leader?

I’ve always found that the graduation speeches contain many of the best genuine pearls of leadership wisdom.
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