How to improve the state of coaching

How has COVID-19 changed the coaching landscape? Learn about the impact of coaching and why organisations partner with LHH, a leading provider of coaching services.

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How coaching helps transform your workplace

Could leadership coaching be the missing link in our efforts to create a happier, healthier and safer workplace?

At first blush, the relationship between coaching and workplace wellness may not seem that obvious. Coaching can make your leaders more effective and productive, drive higher engagement scores and produce better overall results. Read this blog for the four key benefits of coaching that can bridge the gaps in leadership skills and capabilities.

The impact of coaching on people and businesses

impact of coaching

Source: Sime, C. (2019). How does coaching actually help leaders?

Formally or informally, some form of coaching or mentoring is taking place in your organisation. Done well, it can help organisations prepare employees for future challenges and positively impact business performance.

In fact, a study conducted by the Institute of Coaching found that over 70% of individuals who received coaching also benefited from improved work performance, better relationships, and more effective communication skills.

To learn more about how the coaching and mentoring landscape is changing, surveyed over 300 professionals. The study found that coaching and mentoring will maintain and increase their importance over the next two years.

Yet, despite the importance that organisations place on coaching and mentoring, the majority say that coaches and mentors are not highly effective now. 

effectiveness of coaches today

effectiveness of coaches

Source:, The State of Coaching & Mentoring 2021

How can you improve the state of coaching in your organisation?

The study found that high performing organisations are more likely to provide formal training to coaches and mentors.

Having the organisation build and embrace a coaching culture is critical to improving the productivity and engagement of the leaders and employees. Learn the three key steps to building a coaching culture.

Scalable coaching solutions with LHH

Right now, from the C-Suite to your front-liners, there are brilliant people in your company who have giant decisions to make, problems to solve, and people to lead. Coaching is the clear way to improve the effectiveness of leaders and teams. And LHH can make coaching easier for you.

LHH has over 3,000 highly credentialed coaches around the world. Each of them brings their unique business expertise to the situation at hand and delivers coaching with a consistent methodology. Our coaches – and our coaching methodology – are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Every year, we coach hundreds of thousands of people from all kinds of organisations, all over the world. As an industry-recognised HR solutions provider, we believe that everyone can benefit from our human-centred coaching solutions

LHH, an award-winning service provider

In 2021, LHH won the HRD 5-Star Awards for Learning & Development. We were also recognised as the best leadership development provider the 2020 HRM Asia Readers' Choice Awards in Singapore. 

Hear what our clients say

Imperial Brands Case Study
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“The stakeholders across the organisation have seen a real shift in behaviours of the leaders, the individuals themselves are reporting that they are much more confident and able to deal with the challenges that their day to day role faces, and their people leaders are telling us they are able to give them more accountability, more responsibility and really shift the behaviour we want for our 2025 strategy.”

– Neal Harris, Global Head of Leadership & Learning, Imperial Brands

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