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We can help build your career and find your next big opportunity.

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LHH - Key Career Moments

Increase your employability and get future-fit

Today’s careers look very little like the linear careers of the past. New, disruptive technologies, automation and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly changing the skill profiles needed for future jobs. And while you may have many years of experience, it might not be enough to prepare you for new and different roles.

LHH’s Career Mobility support opens the door to explore new opportunities within your current company and provides the resources you need to reskill, upskill and continuously develop so that you can boost your employability and stay future-fit.

Every career journey is different—we make sure that your career mobility roadmap is personalised to meet your goals. You’ll have access to over 16,000 LinkedIn® Learning courses, specialised training from General Assembly, on-demand coaching to help you stay on track, and the ability to search and apply for open roles within your organisation—all through a single platform that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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We can help build your career and find the next big opportunity.

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