7 Reasons Marketing is the Heart of Business Success

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Posted On MAY 23, 2023 

Businesses couldn’t survive without talented marketing departments. We pump revenue through our companies, providing life to each and every department. We also tackle an array of functions such as research, branding, advertising, public relations, digital, data analysis, customer service and communications. When all of those functions blend together and support one another, companies can achieve healthy levels of consumer engagement and conversions from their target markets.

More specifically, why is marketing the heart of business success? Let’s countdown the top 7 reasons:

7. Marketing helps you get noticed.

Your brand is the meaning associated with your company name and identity. Your brand’s messaging and positioning defines your company’s personality, ways of communicating with the marketplace and values (think insightful, responsible and warm-hearted). Marketing helps develop branding for companies and assists with building the brand, through communications and values, to exactly what was envisioned.

6. Marketing helps you impress those hard-to-get customers you have a crush on.

Just as important as brand awareness, your company should strive to generate positive publicity and enhance their reputation as much as possible. Public relations managers and brand ambassadors work to maintain great relationships with the public and consumers by sharing all the positive business news and heartwarming non-business news from your company.

5. Marketing is more than just a pretty face—we make data-driven decisions that help increase revenue.

With advances in modern technology, robust data and metrics now flow through companies, making it much easier to track campaigns, gauge ROI and better understand the behavior of target markets—but only if you have the right talent in place. Market research analysts and data analysts are growing in popularity and can result in marketing departments being true leaders and decision makers.

4. Marketing brings you from a swipe left to a swipe right business.

As your brand becomes well known and a proper marketing plan is executed, your chances for sales increase. Customers view you in a more positive light and are increasingly intrigued with your products and services. They see that you’re not only a pretty face, but also a genuine person, err… brand, behind the face—making them swipe right.

3. Marketing triggers conversations and asks the right questions to get to know customers.

People and their sensor-filled devices are constantly connected most hours of the day, seven days a week. Marketers can help their brands stand out and improve conversions by designing exceptional end-to-end customer experiences across all touch points, at all times. This communication with current customers and prospective customers can tempt them into getting to know you more.

2. Marketing nurtures relationships and helps keep the spark alive.

Consumers don’t always make impulse decisions or purchases, so it’s important to educate them about your product or service through trust-building thought leadership. You have to impress them with your knowledge, show them you have some depth. As you continue to nurture relationships with customers and leads, your relationship with them grows. You get more comfortable and are well positioned for caring, long-term relationships.

1. Marketing helps tell your love story.

Marketing professionals can help attract customers by creating relevant and valuable content, such as case studies, blogs or white papers, with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. This is known as content marketing—the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent—and hopefully, warm and fuzzy.

It’s easy to see why marketing is the heart of companies. The parallels are undeniable. Companies must take good care of their marketing departments by investing in the right people and technologies. This will ensure they continue to build the right relationships and realize substantial growth for years to come.

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