Creative Director Job Description

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FEB 03, 2022

What is a Creative Director?

A Creative Director plays an essential role in the marketing, creative, communications and digital departments. They are responsible for leading their team, developing creative guidelines and directing creative work, including print collateral, websites, email campaigns, television and radio advertising, and many related tasks. These professionals often report directly to CMOs and other directors, and they rely on extensive experience and professional judgment to plan and executive projects.

A Creative Director must be a great leader with the ability to maximize the talents of their teams. Doing so means being a coach, a teacher, an instructor, and a critic all at once. They work with copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, account managers, brand managers and other marketers on a daily basis.

Education Requirements

  • Hail from all backgrounds, with degrees in art, graphic design, marketing, communications, journalism and other fields
  • A foundation of hands-on, applicable experience

Creative Director Essential Skills

  • An intimate understanding of design, copy and web best practices/guidelines
  • Experience with a variety of software, including Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, etc.
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing concepts
  • Comfort interacting with clients and internal staff alike
  • Strong persuasive skills

Creative Director Roles & Responsibilities

  • Oversee the design layout and visual impact of marketing materials, products or publications
  • Lead a team of creative professionals
  • Meet with company executives to determine visual needs for packaging or advertisements
  • Coordinate with freelance professionals and manufacturers to complete projects

Day-to-Day Duties

  • Plan and oversee the development of company advertisements
  • Head brand campaigns, including submitting ideas for projects and overseeing the development of all creative content
  • Supervise all work completed by the creative department
  • Work with executives and other creative leaders to set project deadlines and content goals
  • Present project information, including deadlines and budgets, to executives and clients
  • Recruit and train team leads and managers
  • Oversee the creative budget

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