I came to LHH by way of the acquisition of Drake Beam Morin by Adecco/LHH. Based in Hong Kong the past 6 years; prior to my current role I was based in Melbourne and EVP for APAC South Africa and Dubai DBM.  

The decision to stay was about the role and the location, being an expatriate is an exciting and fulfilling experience which, through hard work, helps to shape your perspective, elevate your conscious and enterprise thinking and build emotional and intellectual agility.   

What stands out most to me about LHH is the focus on growing the business in concert with growing the individual employee and giving back to the community.  A dynamic, ambitious and surprising organization, I like that!

Making a difference is a big part of LHH.  If everyone made a difference for that one, can you imagine the impact!   That’s how I think of it.  It helps you to see that we can make a collective difference through a single action. The potential for the scale of the wave of change for the better would be mind blowing.  Professionally, I have given of my expertise and time to provide direct coaching, counsel and skill support to individuals and groups of underprivileged indigenous communities in very difficult socio-economic circumstances.  As well as, counselling men experiencing debilitating depression in the pursuit of minimizing violence against women.  These efforts have fed my soul.

If you are looking for a professional adventure that will stretch you, challenge you and take you someone you did not expect, then get started with us TODAY.



Karen Faehndrich, President, LHH Asia Operations, Hong Kong

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