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Experienced recruiters and career advisors help you find your next career opportunity, develop your skills, or take your career to the next level. Our expertise and resources empower you so you can reach your career goals as quickly as possible. With LHH behind you, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

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The evolving world of work

Stay ahead of evolving workplaces and a competitive job market through reskilling, upskilling, and a strong personal brand.
Changing Workplaces
We provide the resources you need to navigate the demands and expectations of the evolving work environment.
Increasing Digitization & Automation
While advances in technology, automation, and AI can be challenging, they can also be an opportunity to develop new capabilities and mindsets.
Reskilling & Upskilling
Rapid changes in the job market and emerging tech have reduced the average shelf life of a skill to less than 5 years. Being a lifelong learner is critical to career longevity and success.
Competitive Job Market
Now more than ever you need to be well prepared and equipped, showcasing your unique personal brand to stand out to potential employers and succeed in your job search.

Let LHH do the work for you

We are passionate and committed to supporting you in pursuit of a career path aligned with your unique strengths and interests, so you can take charge of your career with confidence.
Find your dream job
Explore our latest jobs, with sought after roles across a variety of organizations, industries and skill levels.
Increase your visibility
Don’t wait for the perfect job to find you. Create a profile to get recruiters actively working for you.
Begin your outplacement program
Understand your strengths, mitigate critical skill gaps, and get the support, resources, and guidance you need to be ready for what’s next.

Learn more about the latest talent trends and insights

Read our latest articles to help develop your skills, network with experts and boost your career.
How Google Alerts Offer Critical Business Intelligence for Job Search
We share four examples of the valuable information that can be gleaned from Google alerts, and how it can be used to your advantage when conducting a job search.
Five Steps to Maximize Networking Connections and Move Your Career Forward
Boost your profile and build your professional network in ways that will help you land your next job. These key best practices will give you tremendous advantage over a sea of other job applicants.
Is This Burnout or a Dead End? Know the Difference
It's important to know the difference between a dead end and burnout before you make any career decisions. A dead end represents a stronger incompatibility with career choices themselves. It is a feeling of emptiness in the contribution you are making in your professional life. Burnout might be a signal that something needs to change and you simply need to recharge.

Proven results and impact: our focus is you

enabled every year through our coaches and career advisors and recruitment consultants
supported each year with 90% claimed landing in a similar or better job
partnered with us to find and retain amazing talent
say their new job better aligns with their career aspirations and objectives
on key skills from participants who received Ezra coaching support
recommended by LHH were interviewed and 75% of those interviewed were hired