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Elevating and Unlocking Executive Talent

Achieve new levels of success and maximize your leadership potential through our global suite of personalized career services for senior leaders.

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Shape your leadership success

We know that leaders today must both perform and transform in an ever-shifting landscape. Achieve your best results by selecting the right partner to support your critical career moments.
Discover your next leadership opportunity
Explore new leadership opportunities that match your skills, experience, and career goals with our comprehensive job search resources.
Maximize your leadership capability
Through our experienced executive leadership development and coaching offerings, we provide the transformational skills and guidance required to navigate critical organizational decisions.
Navigate your career pivots
With executive transitions happening at an unprecedented rate, we provide a boutique offering through our ICEO practice to support the unique career inflection points of senior leaders.
Expand your professional network
Networking at the senior level can be complex and delicate. Discover new networking opportunities to expand your professional network and make meaningful connections.
Having orderly transitions in roles like a CFO are critical for a public company and I think the ICEO services have definitely added value from a shareholder perspective.
Shannon Sisler
Chief People Officer, CROCS™

Tailored solutions with a global reach

Recognizing each leader's journey is unique, we provide a personalized service backed by deep industry knowledge across the globe. Experience a personalized service for your executive search, development, coaching, mentoring, and career advisory needs.
Executive Recruitment
Executive placement decisions are critical for both the organization and the individual. Our strategic recruitment solutions empower executives to find the right role to achieve their career goals and drive success.
Executive Career Advisory Services
The International Center for Executive Options (ICEO) is a strategic partner to organizations and leaders offering executive career advisory services within a global boutique.
Executive Coaching
We believe that executive coaching can be a truly transformative experience developed through a deeply human connection that propels executives and businesses to success.
Leadership Development
We understand that effective leadership development is achieved by providing leaders with the skills they need to succeed in a modern workplace

Executive insights

With a deep understanding of the world of work, and powered by knowledge from decades of experience, our experts provide strategic insights and thought-provoking perspectives to help executives stay up to date on the latest thinking.
woman looking out of window
woman looking out of window
Retirement Reimagined
There was a time when the word “retirement” conjured up images of gold watches, golf clubs, gardening, and grandchildren. From the perspective of businesses, it was a defined event, often occurring when employees hit a certain age. For individuals, it was a rite of passage, generally signaling the culmination of one’s career. Embarking upon a life of leisure was the well-earned reward for decades of service. Not anymore.
two executives walking through office hall
two executives walking through office hall
Interim Executives Can Be Your Secret Weapon in a Business Transformation
It is a simple and elegant approach to an age-old problem companies face whenever they are going through a business transformation. Bring on board steady, experienced hands to deal with a specific challenge over a defined period.
Zigging and Zagging: How Two Top Executives Switched Careers
At a time when some 40 percent of workers at all levels are considering leaving their jobs, a focus on exploring more unconventional career options rather than merely finding new employment in a similar role is especially apt.
How to Launch a Successful Executive Portfolio Career
After more than nine years as the Vice President of Global Markets, Policy, for General Motors and a long career on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Lee Godown was not interested in retirement. He wanted to step back, figure out what was most important to him and then decide what he was going to do next. Reuben Cohen U.S. Managing Director, LHH Leadership Transition Practice, International Center for Executive Options (ICEO)