I joined LHH in September 2015 as a contractor in the role of Contracts Administrator, assisting our legal team with prioritizing and tracking incoming contracts.   I became a full time member of LHH in February 2016 and was promoted at that time to my current role as Manager, Contracts. 

When I came to LHH and found out the mission was “Making a Difference”, it was an immediate fit!  To have the ability to make a small difference for our internal and external clients, leads to better employees and leaders in the end.  I feel I am a part of the big picture and that is rewarding.  My role is not just helping one person but being part of a team of people that makes a difference for many in the end.  

LHH empowers its employees to do their best, make good decisions and encourage communication with each other.  LHH employees are passionate about making a difference, not just locally but globally by finding people jobs as well as giving them training to develop their skills and build their future. The same is true for entrepreneurship here; I believe that there is always a more efficient and better way to do things internally and externally.  I feel that I am a part of inspiring people to use new solutions; we are a team building new solutions to make everyone’s job more effective. 

LHH is a positive work environment where we are making a difference around the world, not just at work but also in our communities.



Tina Christensen, Manager, Contracts, Maitland, Florida

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