LHH Recruitment Podcast

In this series of interviews with clients and candidates, we explore the key trends in the recruitment market.





We Understand You and Your Challenges

Through our daily work in matching experts with companies, as well as numerous conversations with our clients, we have identified challenges in the job market.

James Peck, Vice President of LHH Recruitment Solutions, talks about the LHH Recruitment Podcast and the challenges in recruiting.

Clients and Candidates in Conversation with LHH Recruitment Solutions

Hiring for a small and fast growing business – Insights from Lilia Wernli (Maxwer Group)

Competitive hiring practices - Insights from CTO Marco Persi (Ecofin)

Insights from an Italian expat in Switzerland – Interview with Giuseppe Pannisco

Full interview with Michael Blume coming soon

Full interview with Eriks Eriksons coming soon

Full interview with Manuela Blochwitz (Scenic Group) coming soon

Full interview with Jürg Lohri (Orion Innovation) coming soon

Full interview with Angelina Michail (Ecolab) coming soon

Full interview with Andrea Viotto coming soon








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