Proud partner of Digital4Business

Together with our consortium partners, we are reshaping the European digital landscape with a new online masters programme that merges academia and industry.

The future of business training


LHH is proud to be a partner in a new European online masters programme, Digital4Business.



Launched in March 2023, Digital4Business is a €19.92 million EU-funded project awarded under the DIGITAL Europe programme. It will accelerate digital transformation in Europe, helping businesses grow through innovation and the practical application of advanced digital skills.


The Digital4Business Consortium includes 15 partners from seven EU countries — uniting some of Europe’s most prestigious higher education institutes, research centres, training providers and industry partners.





A new generation of digital decision-makers


Digital4Business' consortium of business leaders and academic experts are developing a comprehensive online masters programme that will bridge the growing skills gap in the European jobs market. Our graduates will lead the next generation of digital decision-makers, enhancing the European workforce with in-demand practical digital skills, backed by a rigorous academic grounding. Modules include AI, data science, cybersecurity, digital transformation and cloud computing.


The fully accredited and industry-certified masters will be chiefly taught online, with optional seminars, guest lectures and in-person networking events. The practical nature of the programme will be enhanced through dedicated work experience opportunities and mobility programmes with some of Europe’s most high-profile organisations. It’s the future of business training.




LHH's contribution


In addition to contributing labor market skills intelligence, talent acquisition and career guidance expertise in general, we will organize and deliver series of weekend workshops, networking events, guest lectures during the course of the master’s programs. LHH will also actively support the development and delivery of student mentoring and coaching activities and contribute to defining and implementing the project’s Employability Program, which aims to support Digital4Business learners wishing to find a new position.


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