Executive Search: We find your new executives.

At LHH, we specialise in consulting, searching and approaching candidates for senior management positions. We find the right managers to advance your company and make it successful in the long term.



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We take care of your search for executives in C-level positions.

For more than 20 years, we have been placing qualified top managers with leading companies all over the world. This is what sets us apart:


  • large network of competent professionals and executives in the field of executive search
  • approach to executive assessment customised by LHH
  • comprehensive industry and market knowledge

Learn about our approach, talent and resources and how we can help your business succeed. Through our proven process and innovative methods, we find top candidates whose leadership qualities are a perfect fit for your business. Our diverse industry knowledge enables us to convince top candidates to choose your company for a leadership position.



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Your benefits with LHH

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Diverse industry knowledge

Our LHH consultants have in-depth industry knowledge and extensive market intelligence to target top candidates properly.


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Over 20 years of experience

We have been successfully placing top managers for many years and work with innovative methods to find suitable candidates.


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Convincing advice

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, we find the right negotiating basis for C-level managers and can convince them of your company's merits.


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Large network

LHH has a large network of qualified specialists and managers with experience in C-level positions.


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Assessment of managers

LHH has tailored an approach to test and develop the leadership skills of managers.


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Saving time

You don't need to worry about recruiting a suitable expert - we do it for you.












Find the right manager with LHH!

Thanks to our experience in the placement of managers in C-level positions, we know exactly how to approach top candidates and convince them of your company. Benefit from our worldwide network of qualified specialists and managers.



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How it works

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1. Request executive search at LHH

Submit your executive search request by filling out the form.



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2. Clarify

Together we will clarify the requirements you have for a manager in a C-level position.



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3. Search for the perfect match

We search a suitable candidate for you in our network and through targeted approaches.



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4. Successful

After the selection process and any assessments, you hire your new manager.





Find your new managing director with LHH

Would you like to fill a C-level position in your company, but don't have the resources to search for a suitable candidate? We would be happy to take care of that for you. Thanks to our self-developed assessment for executives, our nationwide network and comprehensive industry knowledge, we find top candidates for your company.



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